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State Sponsored Business - Healthwave 19 and 21


Kansas HealthWave 19 and 21

UniCare Health Plan of Kansas, Inc.
More than a health plan - your new neighbor!
Why choose UniCare? 
As your new neighbor, UniCare wants to help you in many ways. Eligible members who choose UniCare’s Kansas HealthWave 19 or 21 programs receive medical coverage, emergency care, vision care, prescribed drugs, sports physicals for kids, and much more.  
Plus, UniCare has many doctors for you to choose from.  
UniCare members can:  
Visit Community Resource Centers (CRCs) for personal help
Call a toll-free 24-hour nurse help line for answers to health questions
Get kits to teach kids how to eat right and be active
Attend free local classes and programs that can help them stay healthy
To become a UniCare HealthWave 19 or 21 member, call us toll-free at (877) 829-9920.  
Use these helpful links to learn more.  
How to enroll if you or your family and friends are not members
Welcome! Open Enrollment Flyer (PDF)
HealthWave 19 and 21 Evidence of Coverage (PDF)
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