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At UniCare our mission is to provide the people we serve with financial protection and security.

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Group Coverage @ UniCare
Provide competitive employee benefits that fit your budget, with our group life and disability coverage.

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Voluntary Coverage @ UniCare
Let employees choose their own coverage with voluntary life and disability insurance from UniCare.

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Life and Disability Products

In addition to medical and dental benefits, UNICARE Life & Health Insurance Company offers term life and AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment) insurance for you and your employees, and dependent life coverage for your families. This valuable coverage offers employees a means of protecting their families’ financial future—and may be the only life insurance coverage they have.  
Only one application form is required for medical, dental and life insurance.
When you include life insurance with UNICARE medical and dental plans, you enjoy the convenience of one consolidated monthly bill and less paperwork. This may be the easiest life insurance purchase you will make.
Coverage is guaranteed issue up to $50,000 to groups with 11 or more enrolling employees. Groups with 2 to 10 enrolling employees, or groups electing to offer more than $50,000, are subject to medical underwriting.
The life insurance benefit is payable in the event of death. The AD&D feature pays an additional benefit if death results from an accident. The amount is equal to the amount of the death benefit. Life and AD&D benefits are subject to exclusions and limitations.  
In addition to the employee insurance, we offer the following dependent life coverage:

Children ages six months to 19 years (23 years, if full-time student)
Children under six months of age
The AD&D and Accelerated Death Benefits are not available on dependent life insurance.  

Additional Employee Term Life Benefits*

Accelerated Death Benefit
The Accelerated Death Benefit provides additional security at a time when your employees may need it most—if they become terminally ill. This benefit advances up to 50 percent of the death benefit to an insured, while living, if diagnosed with a terminal condition with 12 months or less to live.  
Additional AD&D Benefits*
Because accidents can happen at any time—often before your employees have had time to prepare for their families’ futures—we provide the following benefits in addition to the loss-of-life benefit:  
Education Benefit — The policy pays $3,000 per year (to a maximum of four years to a dependent student in an accredited institute of higher learning).
Seat Belt Benefit — An additional 10 percent of the AD&D benefit (to a maximum of $25,000) is paid if the insured dies in an auto accident and was wearing a seat belt.
Repatriation Benefit — Up to $5,000 is paid to transport mortal remains if the insured dies more than 75 miles from home.
Coverage is available to groups of 2 to 50 eligible employees.
Eligible employees must meet the same full-time employment requirements as for health coverage.
Contributions and Participation
The employer must contribute at least 50 percent of the total cost with a minimum 75 percent eligible employee participation.
Guaranteed issue coverage up to $50,000 requires 100 percent eligible employee participation and 11 or more enrolling employees.
At least 75 percent of all eligible employees with dependents must be enrolled and maintained in the dependent life coverage if the employee is paying part of the premium.
You may choose one of the following term life employee benefit options:

  Option A** Option B** Option C** Option D** Option E**
Flat amounts for all employees 
(must be in increments of $5,000) 
Not available 
Not available 
Not available 
Class I*** Officers, managers, and supervisors 
Not available 
Not available 
Class II*** All other employees 
Not available 
Not available 

Group Term Life and AD&D Monthly Rates per $1,000*
Under 30 

The Dependent Life Monthly Premium
$2 per Family 
Life and Disability products underwritten by UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company.  ® Registered mark and SM service mark of WellPoint, Inc.