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Limit on insurance policy cancellations

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limits on insurance policy

Mistakes happen. Now, an insurer can't cancel your health insurance because of a mistake on your insurance application. They can only do so if it is an intentional misrepresentation or attempt at fraud.

Here's what's different

In the past, if your insurer found that you made a mistake on your insurance application, it could cancel your policy back to the day it began. Your insurer might have also asked you to pay back any money already spent for your medical care. Neither of these things can happen now unless you committed fraud or intentionally misrepresented a fact.

How it impacts you

Your coverage cannot be cancelled simply because you made an honest mistake or accidentally left out information on your insurance application. However, it is important that you make every effort to include information that could be important for your health or coverage.

Are there any conditions in which my health plan can cancel my coverage?

Yes. Your insurance company can cancel your coverage if you intentionally put false or incomplete information on your insurance application. And, it can cancel your coverage if you don't pay your premiums on time.

I forgot to mention two psychological appointments on my insurance application. Can my health plan cancel my coverage because of that?

No. Under the health care law, your health plan cannot cancel your coverage, because you did not intentionally misrepresent information.

If my health plan cancels my coverage, can I appeal?

Yes. Your health plan must give you at least 30 days' notice before it cancels your coverage, giving you time to appeal the decision or find new coverage.

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