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More preventive care coverage for Medicaid

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more preventive care coverage

The Affordable Care Act aims to expand Medicaid to provide coverage for more Americans. States decide whether to expand their Medicaid program. If they do, the expansion means more funds for services that prevent diseases and obesity. People who qualify for Medicaid can get annual exams and vaccines for free. If you're a woman, mammograms and other wellness checkups are covered at 100%.

The goal is to make it easier for people with Medicaid to take care of their health. Getting the right preventive care is tough when you have limited funds. But this care can prevent serious diseases and the need for costly care later on. The extra funds from the federal government can help Medicaid members get regular checkups and screenings at no charge.

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Here's what's different

More people can qualify for Medicaid as funding from the federal government goes up. That means more people with lower income can get free preventive care.

How it impacts you

If you have Medicaid coverage, the law makes it a little easier to take care of your health. Extra federal funds can help your state cover preventive care. So annual exams, vaccines and certain screenings are free.

Do Medicaid programs in all states cover preventive care?

Yes. Each state has its own rules on Medicaid, but health care reform requires all plans to cover preventive care. Extra funds from the federal government help the states pay for it. States that choose to expand Medicaid coverage to 133% of the federal poverty can get full federal funding. With the expansion, a person under 65 who earns less than $14,500 a year can qualify for Medicaid. Or a family of up four earning less than $29,700 a year.

What does Medicaid expansion mean?

Medicaid expansion means offering health care coverage to more people with low incomes. Giving states extra funds for preventive care is part of the Medicaid expansion in health care reform.

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Are there other changes to Medicaid benefits?

Yes. Products and services to help quit smoking will be covered starting in 2014. States can choose to cover family planning services and supplies. Coverage for prescriptions will increase.

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