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More women’s preventive care covered

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more women preventive care coverage

It's a new era in health care, and it brings a new focus on women's preventive care. So, what does this mean to you, if you're a woman? And what's different if you're having a baby?

See what preventive services are recommended to be covered.

Here's what's different

Starting this past August, your plan has to cover certain women's preventive care services at 100%. So, STI screenings, breast feeding support, generic birth control methods with a prescription, and even some types of counseling are free. That means no copays. No coinsurance. No worries.*

In the past, women had to pay more, either through copays or coinsurance, for these services. Now, as long as you see an in-network doctor or buy covered drugs with a prescription - it's free with your plan.

How it impacts you

Women at every age and stage of life benefit from preventive care. What changes impact you?

  • Female teens and young adults: Your plan covers important preventive care, like well-woman visits, STI screenings, generic birth controls, as well as counseling services. And if you do get pregnant, you can benefit from other health screenings - just for pregnant women.
  • Women looking to have a baby: When you're pregnant, you need to take care of your health - and the health of your baby. Your plan now covers the screenings you need when you get pregnant. This includes screening for Hepatitis B, gestational diabetes and syphilis.
  • Women over age 40: It's important to discover breast cancer as soon as it starts. When detected early, breast cancer can be very treatable. That's why your health plan now covers mammograms every one to two years - at no extra cost to you.
  • Women over age 60: As you get older, your body changes. It's important to keep up with your health and get regular checkups. Your doctor will give you preventive care tests and screenings - at no cost to you.

Will I still need a copay for a mammogram?

If you're over age 40, mammograms are free with your health plan. You won't need to pay a copay or coinsurance when you go to the doctor. If you're under 40 and not at additional risk, you would still pay your plan's copay like usual. View the list of what's covered

Is fertility testing covered?

Because fertility testing isn't considered "preventive care", it's not covered at 100%. Check with your health plan to find out how much this service will cost you.

* Have health insurance under a grandfathered plan? If so, you might not get these benefits. If there is any difference between the information on this website and your health plan, your policy's provisions will apply.

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