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Access Patient Health History with the click of a button

Let’s face it. Relying on your patients to recall their complete medical history may not always prove accurate. So we came up with a better way. And it couldn’t be easier. It’s called the Patient Health History button. Click here to find out more about What It Is, Frequently Asked Questions and How It Works.

Still wondering how it all works? Click here to view a recorded training demo to learn more about the benefits and features.


Watch our short video for an overview about the Patient Health History button.

Using the Patient Health History button , when you see patients covered by UniCare dental and an affiliated medical plan, you can validate medical data that’s relevant to dental care in an easy to access and secure environment. For example, you will have access to relevant prescription drug history. If your patient forgets to mention they are taking a specific medication for diabetes that causes dry mouth, it could cause various dental issues for your patient. With more complete information, you will be able to help address conditions sooner. Plus, this kind of virtual collaboration can also help identify potential gaps in patient care–like diabetes or heart disease–so those gaps can be closed faster.

We're making this information available so that all network doctors can collaborate on our member’s care. For example, you’ll see when medications have been prescribed by other doctors, or if the patient is being treating for a health condition that may affect his/her oral health.

The Patient Health History button is prominently displayed on the Eligibility and Benefits page within the Availity online portal. Just click it to see what medications your patient may be taking along with any recent diagnoses, lab test results and more. Visit www.Availity.com to get started.

To register for the new portal, visit www.availity.com/dentalproviders and select Register in the upper right corner. Already registered? If so, now is the time to make sure your tax IDs and other important information are registered on the new web portal.

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