Medical Policies & Clinical UM Guidelines 
Welcome to UniCare’s Medical Policies & Clinical Utilization Management (UM) Guidelines website. Our goal in creating this application is to provide you with ready access to electronic versions of medical policies and clinical UM guidelines.  
How to Find Medical Policies & Clinical UM Guidelines 
The tabs on this page are organized as follows: 
Medical Policies  
-Recent Updates 
-By Category 
-By Alpha 
Clinical UM Guidelines 
-Recent Updates 
-By Category 
-By Alpha 
You can locate a medical policy or clinical UM guideline by clicking on the By Category or By Alpha options under each tab. The By Category page lists each category as a link at the top of the page. To view a specific category, click the category link to be redirected. The By Alpha page lists all medical policies or clinical UM guidelines alphabetically by title. There is an alpha index at the top of the page. To find a title, click the appropriate letter to be redirected.  
You can also use the “search” feature, which is now housed in the top navigation, or by clicking the link below. 
Search for Medical Policies & Clinical UM Guidelines
Customizations to MCG Care Guidelines  
This document provides a summary of customizations to the MCG Care Guidelines 21st Edition (effective May 1, 2017).  
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