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EAP Provider Center

Why Offer EAP?

Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health may have a significant impact on the success of your company.

Service Plans

UniCare’s EAP plans are designed to be a tool for employees and managers to address everyday issues before they interfere with workplace productivity. The plan model chosen by an organization reflects the specific goals set for the EAP, internal priorities, and the organizational culture. The impact on the workplace and ability to provide in-depth counseling services varies with the plan model used. UniCare EAP provides several plan models to help meet your organizational needs:  
The Basic Model
The Basic model is a service for the employee to receive solution-focused, face-to-face counseling and be directed to available resources to help them meet their life goals. The Basic model helps individuals resolve their difficulties positively and efficiently.  
The Enhanced Model
The Enhanced model delivers the same face-to-face counseling, along with expanded work/life capabilities. Employers may also benefit from the Enhanced model through telephonic management consultations, policy consultations, training and seminars, and critical response services.  
Telephone and Web Only Model
The Telephonic EAP and Web Only model is a scaled-down EAP. It serves as an avenue for crisis intervention and assessment, but does not include any face-to-face counseling visits.  
The Customized Model
The Customized model gives larger, national employers greater flexibility with their EAP services. We have a variety of options available that are designed to help improve your employees’ productivity and enhance their overall quality of life. We can customize the number of face-to-face counseling sessions, provide additional work/life services, or expand convenience services to help meet your employees’ needs.  
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