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EAP Provider Center

Why Offer EAP?

Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health may have a significant impact on the success of your company.

Employer Services

Workplace Trauma Response*
Our professionals assist your organization’s representative with assessing the incident, defining an appropriate response, and coordinating necessary resources. When indicated, we can provide onsite critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs) within 24-48 hours of receiving the call.  
Return-to-Work Consultations*
Both an employee and management may benefit from a coordinated return to work plan when the employee has been away from work due to psychiatric or chemical dependency treatment. After the primary treating agent has cleared the employee for work, the EAP can assist with a smooth transition back to the workplace. Meetings with supervisors can result in realistic expectations, open communication, and the development of a reasonable plan that takes into account the needs of the employee and the workplace.  
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)*
Exposure to a disaster or unusually stressful circumstance (critical incident) can lead to long-term psychological difficulty for those who witnessed or experienced the event. Critical incidents include accidents involving injury or death, armed robberies, hostage situations, or natural disasters.  
Critical incident management may be able to help decrease workers’ compensation claims, lawsuits, and grievances. Critical incident services offer a means of coping with the event and typically result in a workforce that can return to productivity sooner.  
Workplace Violence Policy Consultation*
UniCare EAP has extensive experience delivering consultation regarding policies, training, and operations related to violence in the workplace. We have template policies, procedures, and protocols that organizations may adapt to their particular environments and needs. We can facilitate organizational discussions about policy, training, and procedure development that relate to workplace violence. We can also provide direct training to organizations about workplace violence and its prevention.  
Management Consultations*
Most managers and supervisors are faced with a difficult employee situation at one time or another. It is helpful at these times to talk with an experienced professional who can help guide the manager or supervisor in dealing with these matters. The Enhanced UniCare EAP provides unlimited telephone consultations with managers and supervisors on how to deal with a wide variety of employee personal problems as they may impact performance. Performance issues, personal problems, organizational change, and substance abuse are the most frequent reasons a manager contacts the EAP for assistance.  
EAP Policy Management, Referrals, and Protocols*
UniCare EAP recommends that all customer organizations establish an EAP policy. We can provide you with a template EAP policy for you to modify and incorporate into your company’s policies and procedures.  
Substance Abuse Case Management*
We consider the identification and appropriate referral of alcohol and substance abuse problems to be one of the core functions of an EAP. Cases involving reported or suspected substance abuse are referred to providers with specialized expertise and training in these areas. Some employers require employees to attend EAP counseling sessions and comply with EAP recommendations as a condition of employment following a positive drug test or under certain other specified employment related conditions.  
Substance abuse professional (SAP) evaluations for employees regulated under the Department of Transportation are not an EAP service. However, UniCare EAP can locate a SAP and assist in the coordination of services.  
Drug-Free Workplace Program*
UniCare EAP can provide assistance with policy development such as Drug-Free Workplace, drug testing, Department of Transportation, and other regulatory compliance requirements and prevention. We offer a comprehensive drug awareness program available both onsite and online. Complementing this program are in-depth employee and supervisor manuals.  
Utilization Reports
UniCare EAP provides periodic utilization reports. The EAP takes a proactive and preventative stance in identifying trends in the workplace and these are reported as they arise.  
Reports allow you to monitor member utilization as well as the type and quality of services provided. No member-specific information is disclosed and confidentiality is strictly maintained. The extent of reporting depends upon the service model selected.  
Utilization reports frequently become the basis of program planning for workshops, special training efforts, or alerting the organization to areas of concern without violating individual confidentiality.  
Communication Materials
UniCare EAP provides a range of initial and ongoing educational collateral. All materials and communications noted below are included in the price of both UniCare Basic and Enhanced EAP plans.  
Our promotional materials include:  
Sample announcement letters for employees
Brochures with tear-off wallet cards
Refrigerator magnet for each employee
Management orientation CD-ROM (also available in VHS format)
Employee orientation CD-ROM (in both English and Spanish)
Guides for management
Posters and flyers
Monthly promotions
Quarterly newsletters
Employee Wellness Workshops*
Our health and wellness seminars are designed to promote proactive responses to concerns found in the workplace and in one’s personal life. The goal of our health and wellness seminars is to educate and develop healthy changes that benefit participants and employers.  
Seminars and Workshops for Managers and Supervisors
UniCare EAP offers a comprehensive series of seminars and workshops focusing on the needs of the supervisor and manager in the modern organizational environment. Choice of topics, materials organization, and presentation styles are important in achieving specific goals for our customers. For instance, a series of programs can be implemented over a couple of hours, a half-day, or all-day intensive training.  
We also provide training for managers in assisting troubled employees. Our training covers two significant areas. First we provide a brief overview of the EAP, present the goals for the program, the scope of services, confidentiality, and how employees and eligible family members access services. The second part focuses on approaches to confronting declining performance and how the EAP can be a resource and referral source for managers.  
Additionally, we routinely develop new materials and creatively work with these topics to further enhance our offerings.  
Additional Fee Services
These referral and coordination services can be added to your EAP plan for an additional fee: 
Adoption Reimbursement Program
Lactation Program
Geriatric Care Management
Identity Theft Program
Financial Coaching
Convenience Services
Onsite Services and Counseling
Health Benefits Fairs
* Services available through the Enhanced EAP model and on a fee-for-service basis.  
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