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EAP Provider Center

Why Offer EAP?

Invest in your success. Employees' emotional health may have a significant impact on the success of your company.

UniCare EAP provides your employees with quick, easy access to confidential, professional assistance and resources for addressing personal difficulties and daily living details. The end goal of UniCare EAP is to help improve employee performance and help reduce employer risk.  
Our Enhanced EAP product is an organizational resource that is designed to help promote employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification, and resolution of personal and productivity issues, our mission is to help maximize a company’s investment. Our program is designed to:  
Help identify and resolve employee concerns that impact productivity
Provide crisis intervention to employees who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events
Provide consulting services to managers and supervisors who are faced with difficult behavioral or job performance issues
Provide training to employees and managers in a proactive effort to alleviate personal concerns that impair productivity
Assist employees whose job performance has been affected in returning to acceptable performance levels
Complement our clients’ health benefits and wellness training activities
The result is to help our clients contain costs related to health care, litigation, grievances, workers’ compensation claims, disability claims, and absenteeism.  
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