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PW_B142813 Network Services
UniCare Network Services supports the provider network through the contracting, credentialing and recontracting process and provides ongoing education and support to providers and their office staffs.  
Chicago Office: 1-800-700-0668
Houston Office: 1-888-697-3790
Plano Office: 1-888-697-3791
Mid-Atlantic Office: 1-800-871-7888
Notification of Provider Changes
Providers who have a direct contract with UniCare should submit notifications of changes including effective date of the change of practice name or affiliation, TIN (include current w-9), address, phone number or other demographic data on the provider’s office letterhead stationery to UniCare Network Services as soon as possible (preferably 30 days or more in advance). Notifications may be faxed to the appropriate number below. 
Illinois: 312-234-8222
Houston: 713-479-4288 (Zip codes 77000 – 78999)
Mid-Atlantic: 703-914-5684
Plano: 972-599-6373 (Zip codes 75000 – 76200)
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