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New to Medicare? Turning 65

Congratulations and welcome to this time of your life. If you’re new to Medicare, let us reassure you that we’re here to help you make the right decisions that will fit you to a tee. 
True freedom comes with the confidence in knowing you’ve made the best decisions. And what better way to get started than by getting all the facts. Here’s what you’ll need to know right up front: 
Medicare Basics 
Original Medicare - This is the federal health insurance program available to people 65 years of age or older. Medicare is also available to younger people with certain disabilities and people with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) – permanent kidney failure living with dialysis or a transplant.  
The Parts 
Part A is Hospital Insurance. This pays for inpatient hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility, hospice care, and some home health care.
Part B is Medical Insurance. This helps pay for doctors’ services, outpatient hospital care, durable medical equipment and some medical services that aren’t covered by Medicare Part A.
Part C is coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans that are only available from private insurers contracted with Medicare. You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan from UniCare if you have Medicare Parts A and B. Most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage, have additional benefits and can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare Advantage plans may require an additional monthly premium.
Part D is Prescription Drug Coverage - Like a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare Part D is available only from private insurers through contracts with Medicare. Joining a Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) is voluntary, and you pay an additional monthly premium for the coverage. You are eligible to enroll if you are entitled to Medicare hospital insurance (Part A) and/or enrolled in Medicare medical insurance (Part B).
You’re free to choose whatever plan works best for you. Need a little help? Take a look and see what plan speaks to your specific needs: 
A Medicare Advantage plan offers benefits and services that Original Medicare doesn’t. When you choose a Medicare Advantage plan from UniCare you’re still a part of Medicare, yet UniCare provides all of your Medicare Part A hospital coverage (except hospice coverage which is still covered by Original Medicare), Medicare Part B medical coverage, prescription drug coverage (with the purchase of an MAPD plan) as well as additional benefits, services and discounts. Click here to find out more.  
Medicare Prescription Drug plans can help you control costs as prescription drug costs continue to rise. You can choose which plan works best with your needs and budget. Click here to find out more. 
A Medicare Supplement plan works with Original Medicare to cover "gaps" in coverage like deductibles and coinsurance. Click here to find out more.  
When is the best time to apply for a Medicare Advantage, Part D or Medicare Supplement plan?  
Here’s what the Social Security Administration suggests: 
Apply three months before you’d like your benefits to begin.
Get as much information as you can as early as you can.
Watch for information in the mail that’s from the Social Security Administration.
You can visit the Social Security Administration website at www.ssa.gov* for more information and to get the forms you need to apply.  
Keep in mind, there are specific Enrollment Periods for Medicare Advantage Plans 
There are only certain times during the year when you can enroll. This is called the Annual Election Period. The Annual Election Period for Medicare Advantage and Part D is November 15 through December 31st of each year. In certain situations, you may be eligible to enroll in or change plans outside of the Annual Election Period.  
You can enroll in Medicare Supplement plans at any time of the year. Click here to learn more about Medicare Supplement plans from UniCare.  
Would you like to talk to a health benefit advisor? 
Feel free to give us a call! We’ll be happy to help answer your questions and choose an Unicare plan that’s just right for you. Click here to contact us. 

Questions? Need help? Call us at 1-800-920-1478. 
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